Friday, April 3, 2009

Plans, Trains and Automobiles!

So, I'm leaving on vacation this morning and wanted to say so, so that you know why I won't be writing for a couple weeks more. I know I haven't written about my last couple weeks either, but I promise I will write up a very exciting narrative while sitting, bored, on the many trains I will be taking this next couple weeks to get from here to there. I've bought a eurail pass for Germany, France and Italy, which theoretically allows me to travel on any train I want within those countries, MOST of which require a reservation anyway, something I wasn't aware of until I recieved my ticket, but it's still going be the easiest and cheepest way around Europe for two weeks, and I'm very excited to get started this afternoon! I will getting into Rome, via my only plane for the two weeks, tonight around midnight my time and then hanging out there for 5 days before going to Florence for 4 more, and then heading to the famous Wittenberg door, on my way to Berlin, which is the last stop on my way back to Nantes at the end of my wonderful two weeks of travel. Unless I decide to stop by Geneva to buy my Swiss Army knife replacement, in Switzerland! So now you know whereabouts, roughly, I'll be for the next two weeks, I should get back on the 17th and I'll have lots of posting to do by then, so be getting excited for that!

Until then, Peace!