Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fogotten Blog?

This is not the case my friends and family! On the contrary, I will get you all caught up on my adventure, when I have a computer to myself again. Here is my sad story in short:

I guess this really all started about the beginning of Jr. year of college when I really began to notice that my computer's battery really wasn't battery-ing anymore, this was really to be expected since it is 2+ years old now, it was about time. But no problem really, I had a power cord, and it worked, I was good to go!

Or so I thought. Right before spring break my computer cord had started to wear through close to the converter box, but as long as I wrapped the cord a couple times and angled it right, it'd still get power to my computer. I crossed my fingers and hoped that this maneuvering would get me through France so that I could get home and order another one without huge shipping costs.

This didn't quite work as when I got home from Spring Break I plugged in my cord it sparked at me. Full out electricity pops that I could both see and hear! I took this as a sign that it was offically unsafe to use, and threw it away. Luckily a friend of mine has the same computer and thus the same cord, so I figured I could use her cord to charge my computer during the day, and pray my battery would last a couple hours at nights so I could work. This isn't perfect but would suffice while I waited to get a cord shipped here. She actually ended up having an old faulty cord she full time loaned me that I could use, as long as I pulled it just right! Sound familiar? Anyway, my dream of not paying to ship a cord here was re-kindled.

And shattered again about a month later, when her cord full out broke and my battery full out drained on me in the time span of 10 minutes. Blah...

What does this have to do with blog posts you ask? Well, I have most of the posts on my computer currently, which is dead. Had the wireless at IES been working I could have posted them while the other cord was still in one piece, but irony of ironies it came apart exactly 1 day after they fixed the wifi. Also, I hate typing on French keyboards, I'm amazed I've lasted this long, and I don't want to re-type them all, sorry!

To sum up, my computer has basically been a glorified paper weight for 4 weeks now, due to either lack of wifi, or lack of power source. It's too late to get my cord shipped here, but hopefully it's currently waiting at home for me, and I will post the details of all my adventures when I return home, in 1 week!

That's right, I return home at 6:30 pm mountain time next Tuesday! So until then, I love and miss you all, and will be on the same continent soon!


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  1. Phew you are alive! :) Sadly your computer is not.....