Thursday, January 1, 2009

Across the Ocean in 8 Hours

So, as foretold this time I got to keep my plans as previously stated, and am currently in Paris with my friends. The plane ride was boring and long, not much to relate there. When I arrived here, I had to store my luggage and will probably have to barter an arm to get it back from the train station guy, but it was necessary so that I didn't have to haul two suitcases around Europe. And, really the price will even out, because I'm sleeping for free in the hotel that my friends kindly snuck me into and tomorrow my friends Amy and Carly and I are in fact leaving for Amsterdam, also previously stated. We're taking the bus and then I will begin my first couch surfing experience.

For those who are unaware, there is a couch surfing network alive and well in this world in which people can sign up to donate their couches or extra beds to us weary travelers for free. Well technically, in reality to show appreciation for their generosity us weary travelers will offer up small gives of gratitude. So when we get to Amsterdam we will be picked up at the bus station by a very friendly guy, or so I'm told by a friend who's stayed with him previously, and then crashing on his extra mattress and couch. In return we plan to bring him a bottle of wine and cook him a couple meals during our stay.

Well, since not much has happened since I arrived except me and Carly trekking through the Paris train stations and stopping at a cafe for some small pastries and caffeine I have no pictures to post for you and no fascinating stories to relate. Hopefully by the next time I'm on here I'll have something more exciting to say other than I'm still alive!


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