Sunday, December 28, 2008


So, I haven't blogged in a week, not because I'm in Paris having an awesome time, but because I decided that pushing Paris back a week (and a half, explanation later) would be a good idea. When I got home and knew I had my student visa all worked out and everything and started trying to pull some last minute plans out of thin air, I quickly realized that last minute plans cost lots of extra money I wasn't planning on spending. Not to mention a couple headaches and the utter realization that I was completely unprepared to leave. Regardless of what some of you may believe I'm rather unorganized. After moving all my stuff back home and dumping it in our front room (still sorry about the mess Mom, I promise to clean it up soon) I was ill-equipped to start packing away a mere two suitcases and two backpacks worth of my possessions to last me for 5.5 months. So Mom and I called the travel people and got my plane changed to the 31st. We'd originally planned to change it to the 29th so that I could be in Paris for New Years Eve with friends, but the guy on the phone was certain that there was no room on any flights until the 31st. So that's when I leave. I arrive in Paris at 1:45 pm the next day, yes New Years! I'm a little weary about traveling on the holiday, but I'm sure it'll all work out peachy. I hope. So I got to travel with my folks and lil sister to see the rest of our family in Arkansas and Missouri for Christmas, which was very nice. And now I'm home and back to the place I was last week, which is needing to pack, but now I'm much more prepared. Because I have a plan!

Once in Paris I'll chill with my friends and I believe Carly and Amy, two of my friends who are studying in Cambridge this whole year, and I will be heading off to Amsterdam on the 2nd or 3rd to see the city and hang out there until I have to go to Nantes on Jan. 7th when my official study abroad experience begins. I have to be at the IES center in Nantes on the 7th so that they can orient me and get my living situation all worked out. I'm living with a family while I'm there, but I don't know who yet, they haven't told me that much yet. After that I will be doing an 'off site orientation in Tours' from the 8th to the 11th and another 'off site orientation in Nantes' from the 12th to the 16th. I'm not certain what that means, but I imagine that I'll be traveling with my fellow classmates and teachers and seeing the important sites of France in a very educational fashion. On the 19th my actual classes start and the bookish learning beings.

This is my plan as I know it so far, and I don't plan on changing it anytime soon! I'm very excited to get over there and get started on seeing Europe, but I'll manage to wait a couple more days! ;) I'm not exactly sure how yet, so any of you experienced bloggers reading this might want to tell me, but I'll be taking pictures soon and posting them here for all to see, so stay tuned this blog about traveling is about to actually live up to its purpose!

Until next time!


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