Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Pre-Vacation Week

I firstly would like to apologize that it’s taken me a month to get back to this. Totally my fault, but I’m going to blame it on the vacation anyway. It’s because of that, that I’ve just recently become a disorganized procrastinator and it has nothing to do a chronic habitude of mine.

I secondly would like to apologize that this particular post has very little to do with my actual vacation. But just you wait, I’m going to finish writing those posts and then you will all be stunned, shocked and amazed at how brilliant they are. Then I will promptly get my posting caught up with these past two weeks after the break. Just in time to go on another vacation and get behind again. Ain't life grand?

So that week was a pretty short one as far as being in Nantes and taking classes goes. My grammar class was canceled because the professor was on vacation a week early and the French professors are on strike, not ours of course, but at the university the classes were all canceled and weird, so that effected us to. I really have no idea what the strike was about, it’s got to do with specialization of schooling so the teachers and students are striking. The concept of students striking against school seems weird to me as an American, because I don’t think that would work in any of our universities. If you don’t like it here, leave; this seems to be more along the lines of how Americans would respond to such an event. Maybe if it was the entire student body though, they might listen more intently. I don’t know though, still, I think it’s strange. Yet another cultural divide between our two cultures. So classes went along, I had to focus on making myself stay focused in class, I think I was getting a little burnt out on French and tired, and anticipating the break to come. And come it did regardless of whether Lindsey and I were ready. We still hadn’t finalized any but our Nottingham places for staying and they didn’t get finalized until Friday morning right before we left. We got a place to couch surf in the two England towns and said that if neither of the Ireland hosts we’d asked responded positively before we arrived, we’d just go to a hostel, of which we found a few acceptable ones before we left. So with that in mind we hopped on the tram and then the bus that would take us to the airport and away to vacation and English speaking countries! Which by the way we were both very very excited about.

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