Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Three Week Mélange

So, time has just flown right by me this past few weeks and I attribute this to several factors and they are as follows:

1) Vacation threw me for a loop and getting back and into the routine of things took me a few days.

2) Right after vacation, literally the day after, I had my first mid-term, to be followed by one more the next week, one more the week after that, and two mid-terms today, actually. So I've actually had to be studying and doing things like a normal student. It's nice that they're all so spread out so that I don't have to worry about 5 in one week, but also a little annoying, because as soon as I get done with one, there's another right around the corner. I'll be jumping up and down at 5 o'clock today when they're all over with! OK maybe not literally jumping up and down.

3) I got some weird 48 hour head cold/ sinus thing that knocked me out for a whole weekend basically. It was weird, I got done with school on Friday and my nose kind of went berserk, so I went to bed early, slept late on Saturday and was stuffy and groggy all day, same thing on Sunday, and then I woke up Monday and it was like a normal drippy nose, nothing awful and no sinus pressure, and by Tuesday I was pretty much normal again. But sleeping for 48 straight tends to make time seem like it's going right by you.

and lastly,

4) The fact that nothing really super exciting has happened to help me mark time. I haven't done anything to embarrass myself, been amazed by some cultural thing that I've never heard of before, or gone anywhere super duper interesting. Of course as soon as I say these things I realize that I've done thousands of things to embarrass myself, I do these things daily and just don't even really notice them anymore. I am amazed that the stupid strike is still going on. OH yeah! Remember the strike that the students were having against the school that was throwing off things here too, that we hoped would be gone by the end of break? Yeah, that's still going and shows no sign of letting up. The students are blockading the University, both literally and figuratively (since they actually go home at night. There's certain hours that they're there, it's like a job they go strike and then make it home for dinner, it's bizarre). Lots of kids had to switch out of university classes into classes at IES so they could still get credit for their semester, lucky for me, my Phonetics class just found another lab to use, so we're good to go on that front. However, it does interfere with my rock climbing class and gym usage that I was so excited about, grr. But anyway, as far as interesting places go I went with my host parents to their vacation house near the ocean this Sunday and it was quite lovely! The sun was shining and it was warm without being hot and we took a nice walk. I took a few photos and added them to the Nantes album, or will be adding them as soon as I post this, I should say. And this coming weekend I'm going with IES to Normandy for Saturday and Sunday, it will be fun I imagine and then I'll have something more interesting to share with you all.

Well that's about all I have to share for the moment,


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